Concept Papers (CP) with C. P. Snow

C.P.Snow 1959 lecture "TWO Cultures" are now represented by the Edward SnowDen debate and the Wisconsin SNOW region death of Boy Scout DEN agent Sam Hengel..

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The SOCIAL SCIENCE Lineweaver-Burke enzyme kinetics murder plot at Sandy Hook

Rd-blog-number-5656 by  Herb  Zinser reviews Nature's  biochemistry  ...  social engineering and brain engineering  .... system   war at Sandy Hook, Newtown Connecticut.


Nature's created signaling EVENT ....

Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting - Wikipedia, the ...…

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Jeffrey Fowle explains DPRK, amino acids, and the K-channel WARS

RD--blog-number-5545 by Herb Zinser reviews  science and neuroscience WAR messages that are printed in the newspapers.
 They are some expression of conflict.... perhaps, a diplomatic controversy  or actual physical  violence.
 Many of the signaling EVENTS at created by  Nature's  social engine…

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Alzheimer's and the North Pole magnetic field

Concept Paper CP-011 by Herb Zinser




















Electron structure RON  .......  has Nature's biochemistry  finger orders to  GET zinc Fingers agent.



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Atomic computer science

Concept Project CP-026 Herb Zinser







The Computer Earth system 370   and its SYMBOL MACHINE with assembly lines of code    .... 

and the super-symmetry existential physics  expression MIRROR   .. below.


Below, a Base 16  FORD assembly line in the Chicago ar…

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Atlas Detector - Tibet physics

Concept Paper CP-022 by Herb Zinser










 Images for nitrogen atom symbol

 Images for nitrogen atom symbol

 Human images for nitrogen atom symbol



             This  paper by Herb Zinser   uses Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE words…

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Automobile - Quantum Chromodynamics

Concept Paper CP-027  by Herb Zinser







Fe --> ferrous oxide IRON atomic English language of 26 alphabet letters is not recognized by FermiLAB  under orders from the Fe  --> Fetus citizen brain controlled Federal government.





Below, Nature's super-sym…

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